The Concept Group is a multi-award winning, independent
Real Estate & Sales Consultancy group of companies.
We’ve served developers, organizations and clients since 2011.


We believe that Selling is the most advanced form of human communication. We are all doing it all the time, we just don’t realize we are doing it or we just give it different names.

Although many of us do it naturally (many of the top salespeople even call it a talent you get to be born with), there’s a clear science and mechanics behind Selling. At The Concept Group we embraced the challenge to continuously discover these mechanics and reinforce them through training, learning materials and social media and press contribution.

Therefore, we formed a group of extremely talented people whose sales skills we’ve continuously improved, The Concept Group being now one of the most skilled Sales Organizations in CEE. Furthermore, we all aligned on the journey to professionalize the Sales Service, up to the point in which being a Salesperson becomes a symbol of integrity, professional expertise and proudness.


Going deeply, we’ve understood the Sales Process behind all the Sales interactions. Even if everybody talks mainly about results when bringing sales into discussion, you can only influence the sales results by controlling the sales process. Again, you cannot control the results. You can only control the process.

Put this way, we understood that improving results is a thing of optimizing every part of the process. That’s why we divided the process into tiny little pieces (like in a factory), each piece having a higher or lower impact on the final result.

After knowing which are the pieces with the highest impact, we started training our people in those high-impact pieces of the process and this is how we managed to develop such a complete range of Sales Services.

More on this on the Services page


More than that we took the challenge of promoting the concept of “Selling with integrity”. Selling with integrity means:

  • Be what you say you are (follow the values you promote)

  • Finish what you started (deliver the product or service at the expectations you set)

This new current we are launching is especially useful in markets where information flow is easily manipulated, where there is a lack of official data or statistics and many salespeople tend to be manipulative. One of these markets is the Real Estate Market.


When you love what you do, everything becomes simpler. Accidental or not, we’ve landed in probably the most complex market, facing complex challenges from bureaucracy, unregulated flow of information, lack of knowledge of many people involved in it, lots of emotions in exchange, reluctance in embracing the new technological wave.

You’re right. We’re talking about the Real Estate market. But still, as you go along, and you start embracing and containing all the challenges you’re faced with, you begin to Love it.

We love construction sites, we love buildings, we love the emotion they bring to every client that crosses their doorstep. Love is the secret sauce we put in our work, that’s why people love us and most of them stay with us for the long run. This is how we created a long lasting portfolio of clients, investors and partners, people that embrace our values and our vision and stick with us. Because, yeah… We are here for the long run. We are here to stay.


Again, We Love Sales

We are creating a long lasting legacy in Professional Sales Services through our people, our Learning Center , our Partners & Customers and through our clients living or investing over time in our Portfolio.

Soon, we’ll be offering our knowledge to many other markets that can benefit from the legacy we are creating in Sales. Want to help us in our journey? Call us or just leave us a note through the form. We’ll be happy to share what we do with you. 

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