Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a Dedicated Sales Team according to your project’s size and needs. The team comprises a minimum of one Sales Consultant and one Sales Manager, acting in your interest either from the project location or from a different mutually agreed location.
It’s called “outsourcing” because the Sales Team acts like your internal Sales Department with the major benefit of coming from a Sales Organization, providing training, tools and a management structure with focus only in the provision of performant sales services.
When interacting with end-buyers and tenants coming from your marketing, the Sales Team uses your business cards and identifies itself with the project and the developer behind the project. We don’t cross-promote other offers to them (offers that come from different developer partners) and the clients remain in your project, even if they don’t qualify for it.
Yes, we are and we can help you to become GDPR friendly as well.
Market studies, identifying target audience, work with the architects based on the target audience expectations, creating and implementing the sales strategy, financial scenarios based on the sales strategies, consultancy in branding and recommended marketing channels, project launch.
Depends on the project’s size and needs, but in the majority of the cases we work with a separate marketing budget invested monthly by the developer with a mutually agreed marketing company (it can also be directly through us). The marketing tools and campaigns we use will bring leads which the Dedicated Sales Team will pass through the entire process until they convert into the Final Contract. 
The effectiveness of the marketing budget will be measured continuously through reports and meetings in which we’ll follow a set of strategic KPIs, important for the success of the project.

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