Your project deserves a Sales team dedicated only for you, basically working as your own Sales Department, yet operated by an experienced & skilled team. 

Basically, through our Sales Outsourcing Service we provide a team formed of a minimum one Sales Consultant and one Sales Manager, going up to any number of people your project needs.

The team can work either from a sales office at the project location, either from your head office or from one of our company offices if the project is located nearby.

The Sales Consultants are dedicated to your project, trained on the specificity of your project and focused only on your project, without cross-promoting other offers to the leads entered from your dedicated marketing campaigns. Therefore, working with us means joining forces with a professional & experienced Sales Organisation, that provides you a fully functional Sales Department.

The Sales Outsourcing Package includes also:

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Strategic Advisory from our Sales Managers
  • Weekly Sales Training
  • Design of the Sales & Pricing Strategy
  • Design of the Marketing Plan
  • Integrating the Sales Process in Efficient Online Tools (CRMs, Calendars, Reports, Drive)
  • Creating Sales Pitch (major benefits, key financial, technical and urbanistic details)
  • After-Sale Clients’ Management (from the PreSPA to the Final SPA and beyond)

Need an amazing Sales Team? We are that one. Call us and let’s see how we can help you

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